asking yourself why.


tonight, i saw an adorable picture on instagram. you know the ones: pen + journal + coffee + flower in a vase + cute puppy sitting by the fire place.

the caption reading something like: “this is the life.”

it inspired me! i immediately jumped up in search of my journal.

but i can’t find my journal. & it’s 11:04pm on a wednesday. i don’t have time to go digging around. the misplacing of my journal ultimately proves how long it’s been since i’ve wanted to write. because let’s face it – – you gotta want it.

it has nothing to do with needing it.

everyday, i choose what need.


tonight, i need this. it’s ok to not need all the same things, all the time. i must remember this ❤


so, at the beginning of october, an extremely amazing friend helped me break my bubble. a fear bubble. a bubble that said “this is it!” // “this is all you’re capable of!” // “this is all you have to offer!”

i’ve lived in this bubble for years. years & years. yet, over the past five months, i’ve learned something that ultimately made the “bubble-breaking” easier.

the importance of questioning yourself. QUESTION YOURSELF. be your very own 3-year-old – – ask why. ask why to everything you do. seriously.

when i began to ask myself some hard questions, it opened my mind to new. people love new. if they could sell new, they would sell out.

my mind was opened to new.

new breath in a stuffy, stuffy world. don’t ever let yourself settle.

sure, we always associate settling with boys. but crap if that isn’t so naive.

i’m certainly not talking about boys or relationships (although i could write an entire book on them).

i’m talking about how big & beautiful this little life is. yes. life is BIG & LITTLE > all at once.

it’s big enough for you to discover your purpose, in private if you choose, & little enough to not be so overwhelmed as you discover your purpose.


so back to bubbles. they are mesmerizing. pull out a container of soap & a wand & you’ll have an audience. no matter the age, bubbles bring a delight in our lives.

how something so little as soap & a wand can create a BIG moment of freedom & uncertainty & wonder & persistence – – i do not know. but don’t you see it?

how often do we get our hopes up & we blow a soft breath to only have soap fly back in our face. but we try again.

because we know. we know we are capable, we are worth it. you see the hope because we know it’s just a little soap & a little wand.

i’m sitting here, excited & nervous & mesmerized at timing. it takes special people to really speak truth in your life. & i’m not talking about sweet, yummy, binge-worthy truth.

you know – like a bowl of m&m’s. you can eat ’em until they’re gone!

a m&m on it’s own is little & cute & minor, yet appreciated. but fill up on an entire bowl, & you sit there surprised on how you still.want.more.

i don’t want that kind of truth. i want the truth that has you sitting in your bed, on a wednesday night, at 11:16pm, listening to the wind crash into your bedroom window, trying to journal, yet being journal-less!

alright, so why did i even bring up chocolate? i digress.

don’t settle. surround yourself with the question WHY. do it. every decision you make, even if you’ve been making it day after day, month after month, year after year, ask WHY. sit there & answer it.

i can’t tell you the number of times people have appreciated when i ask them why. & although it’s hard for me, i love being asked why. it proves that we are thinkers, & we don’t just do things. we have a purpose.

what’s something you need everyday? why? has it always been that way? do you want to change it?

thanks for reading & let me know what you think.

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  1. Why? Because we can. Because God made us and we are here to please Him. Because life is worth the BUBBLES!!!! because even after they pop the time that we delighted in them we will never get back yet it was so utterly satisfying!

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