dealing vs. distracting

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oh hello blog. how you been boo? today marks three years with this little blog baby. it’s been a fun journey.

today i wanna chat a little about something i’ve been struggling with lately. & i hope it’s not a boring topic. i hope it’s relatable. & i hope some of you have some wise words of advice to give me. bc if we don’t do this together, what’s the point?!

i often tell people i have a/d/d/. i have never been diagnosed, but i believe i get distracted easily. i honestly wonder how someone can carry a conversation with me for more than two minutes without me interrupting or literally walking away in the middle of it.

well, i must deal with the a/d/d/. & what better day to tackle this than on the first day of december?! & ps btw – it was 70 degrees in maryland today. hashtag blessed. am i right? haha

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so i’m stripping the distractions. right now – i’m heaving into insta & fb. they are my little thumb magnets. i get bored. tap tap. i get sad. like like. i get jealous. block block. the struggle is real, y’all. i have always believed in the power of social connections – they are deep & shallow, powerful & powerless, sincere & fake, oh gosh – it’s a double edged sword. i have yet to figure out the right balance for me, myself & i, but i often take month long breaks.

that’s what starts today. the goal? well, the ultimate goal is that i train this a/d/d/ heart & mind to seek jesus in the moments i seek distraction. sometimes it’s less work & much more fun to check up on the lives of my friends than to talk to god about the current issue in my life. am i right? tell me i’m right.

do i think this social media hiatus will cure me from wanting a little r&r from real life problems every once & awhile? of course not, silly. i’m being realistic. but i love recalibrating my life. this is super managable too – it’s not life or death – it’s just a little vacation from all the noise. & there is certainly a ton of noise in december, isn’t there? sike, who am i kidding – every month is noisy. every single month.

this beautiful song popped up in my youtube subs tonight & i laughed at how perfect the lyrics are. i hope you love it as much as me. xo thanks for reading you beautiful people.


4 thoughts on “dealing vs. distracting

  1. Girl, more power to you! I have thought about doing this many times. I feel like I sometimes get WAY too caught up in the distractions of social media and let it make me feel less about myself. I just haven’t taken the leap because I also battle with the feeling of being left out. Lame, I know. Good luck!

  2. one) you’re the cutest. two) you are so wise beyond your years. three) why do we not live in the same place, because seriously how ridiculously amazing would that be? thanks for being you and for being so encouraging and honest and wonderful.

  3. a) thank you lol b) i surround myself with REALLY smart, witty people like you c) i really really really wish we lived closer. i would bring you starbucks & hang out with you & mister man & meels & we would play catch phrase & giggle. i’m soooooo thankful to have stumbled upon your blog. i feel like it was two years ago!! cray cray ❤ thanks for always encouraging me – in every season.

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