thrifty tuesday!

it snowed today! the first of 2015. it was kinda pretty, actually.

welcome to thrifty tuesday – –

i’ve been scoring BIG at the thrift store lately – & i wanna share with you my goodies.

do you thrift? i usually stick to clothes – let me know what you like to buy.



sweater: old navy / size: L / $1

jeans: ae (already owned these babies – they are my favorite)

shoes: charlotte russe / size: 8 / $3


jackie told me to look down . . . #artsy#trendy


it was cold.

haha! see you next tuesday 😉



5 thoughts on “thrifty tuesday!

  1. I do all things thrift – a little soap and water goes a long! FYI – there is a huge thrift store near my work (larger than Walmart) that I love! If you are up for a road trip with my girls, lets go “pop some tags” some Saturday!

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