thrifty tuesday.

i hate to rub it in. really, i do.

but i will be in sunny sunny warm beautiful florida in 11 short, short days.

so to prepare myself, i went with a little ankle action for today’s thrifty tuesday outfit. ha!


if you’re new to thrifty tuesday – don’t feel too left out – i just started this last week.


basically – i’m trying to do the whole “everything is from the thrift store” thing on tuesdays. i don’t have a super large collection yet – but i’m getting there!


the deets:

hair: braid on braids. hard to tell here. but it’s my go-to when i’m going on a couple days of unwashed hair. ew. gross. i know.

sweater: i love H81 / size S / $1

gray tank: target / already owned

necklace: etsy shop: charming traveler / $15 / already owned

skirt: old navy / $1

leggings: borrowed (#brookiescloset)

shoes: cato / $12

so for this outfit, i thrifted the sweater, skirt & shoes. a total of $14.


the shoes are brand-spanking-new! i love love love them.

IMG_4605again, it was extremely cold. valentina told me to pretend it wasn’t.

IMG_4589here’s me pretending.

IMG_4588oh look, a bird!

IMG_4592just remember, florida in 11 days. florida in 11 days . . .

thanks for reading!! xo