thrifty tuesday: vaca edition

as if it even needs to be said – – i’m on vacation!!

#vaca #florida #lazy #sleep #read #eat #repeat

photo 1

i’m having a darn good time. a simple, darn good time.

this week’s thrifty tuesday outfit is totes vaca inspired, naturally.

photo 2

i went thrifting a couple of weeks ago & i think some smart smart trendy girls had cleaned out their summer closets. bc by my surprise i found some summer wear in the middle of january. whoohoo.

photo 3


photo 5

the outfit deets:

hat: super random & super borrowed from the beach basket in the cottage we are staying in. my forehead is burnt, so i was desperate today. don’t judge!

cover-up: thrifted: $1 // brand: target – merona

sandals: thrifted: $2 // brand: target – merona

bsuit: very hidden but it’s from

photo 4

photo 3i love love love this cover up. it’s super comfy. the only issue is the super low dip in the front. it’s just more revealing than i expected. but i still love it. remember, it was only 60 cents people.


the sandals really fancy up this beachy outfit. the style is not my usual pick, but i like them!

photo 5at the end of the day – the cover up is a temporary situation. which is why the more comfy, the better.

xo thanks for reading!