thrifty tuesday: back to reality

i had a stellar vaca guys. like stellar.

first of all – the company was perfect. second of all – the location was lovely. third of all – the activities were simple & relaxing. have you seen the vlogs from the trip? it will take you about 40 minutes to watch our vaca in a nut shell – but it’s worth it 😉 click HERE.

so today i headed back to reality. reality includes waking up to an alarm, putting on make up, warming up my car 15 minutes before i actually need to leave my house, taking the trash out, reading emails, answering emails, drinking water. lots of water. that’s reality for me.


it was a balmy 21 degrees this morning. you can see here that i am grinning & bearing the bitter cold for this thrifty tuesday picture.

yes. remember thrifty tuesday? we are on week 5 of this series. i’m loving it. mainly bc i’ve had more conversations with people about thrifting in the past 5 weeks than i have, well, ever. it’s nice to connect with fellow thrifters & deal-finders 🙂

IMG_3782the outfit deets:

hair: bun, baby!

lips: kate moss // 107

yellow cardigan: thrifted: $4 // brand: august silk

black tank: thrifted: $3 // brand: old navy

jeans: thrifted: $7 // brand: 1st kiss

boots: already owned // brand: target: mossimo

watch: gifted by a friend 🙂 // michael kors

total damage: $14

IMG_3798remember people, it’s frigid!

IMG_3816i own one other yellow clothing item. so when i saw this cardigan, i thought, it’s time to spice it up. it’s super soft & comfy & the price was right.

IMG_3834the black tank – well, this is one of my favorite cuts. & there’s a pocket, which didn’t show up very well in the pics. i love a long, flowy top, let me tell ya.



IMG_3848one important part of thrifting has been the removal of clothes i no longer wear in my current closet. that’s the whole point of me starting to thrift. i needed clothes that fit & i’m just not in a place to be shopping for brand new stuff. so each time i bring home i thrifted item, an older-too-big-to-wear-anymore item gets thrown in the donation pile.


IMG_3852these jeans are a dream, by the way. so dang comfy.


alright, here’s my question. how do you let go of your old clothes? i’m having a really hard time letting go y’all! even if i haven’t worn the shirt for three years – i ALWAYS rationalize that i will wear it to the grocery store next week.

tell me your secrets.





3 thoughts on “thrifty tuesday: back to reality

  1. How much do you like living with clutter?
    Take it from a frequent thrifter – what comes in must go out.
    Try to maintain an equilibrium so you don’t overwhelm yourself with ‘stuff’.

  2. Your donation will lift a thrifter too. So while the thought of letting go comes to mind remember how the next person will feel getting the deal from your donation.
    Btw I have been a thrifter since my kids were little kids and I have saved a bundle! Most recent amazing thrift purchase was a Lands Down winter coat, $15 retail value $200, chaching!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! The cut of that tank…it’s my favorite right now! I have a really hard time letting go of my old clothes too. I did the trick of turning all my hangers until I wore something to see what I really do and do not wear. I’m going to get rid of anything I haven’t worn after 6 months. (Cringing as I type that)

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