thrifty tuesday: forevs 21

like most people on a snow day – i spent hours shoveling my driveway. it wasn’t terrible — i jammed out to disney pandora & enjoyed the sunshine. but crap if that snow wasn’t HEAVY. lawdy.

anywho, i hope you were able to enjoy this snow day with your dog, or your kids, or your coffee & netflix. all are great options.

i decided since i would actually be venturing out in public today – i would take advantage of thrifty tuesday & try on these bad boys.

IMG_4028yup. those are flowers on my pants.

IMG_4073you know, with valentine’s day coming to a close & spring . . . well, i know nothing about spring or when it plans to be here. i just wanted to wear my flower pants dangit!


the outfit deets:

hair: out-of-control-back-off-i-shoveled-snow-for-three-hours.

jacket: thrifted: $2 // brand: target – mossimo

grey tank: already owned

flats: thrifted: $3 // brand: charlotte russe

jeans: thrifted: $7 // brand: forever 21

total damage: $12




this jacket. holy smokes. it’s got shorter sleeves which i really like. & it’s so soft. & look at the buttons. oh it was an absolute steal.







i’d be ok with it not snowing the rest of the year. now it’s time for some taco tuesday on thrifty tuesday. yummmmm.

thanks for reading xo