thrifty tuesday: olive juice

hey guys!

i’m not gonna pretend i’m not in the funk. the winter funk. bc i absolutely am. but ain’t nobody click on this little blog to hear me complain about the weather.

so instead – you wanna see some of my favorite sunsets from summer 2014? just maybe like three?

ok good:




ok ok thanks for enduring that.

let’s get down to the point of this post, shall we? THRIFTY TUESDAY!



it was early & cold. can you tell? 😉


this entire outfit is from the thrift store except for the boots. one day my entire closet will be from the thrift store, i can promise you that haha.


the outfit deets:

hair: wave on wave (extra leave-in conditioner bc my co-workers say my hair feels like a horse tail . . .)

scarf: thrifted: 50 cents // brand: apt19

jacket: thrifted: $2 // brand: new directions

dress: thrifted: $1 // brand: target: mossimo

tights: thrifted: 50 cents // brand: american eagle

belt: thrifted: $1 // brand: no clue boo!

boots: already owned // brand: target: mossimo

total damage: $5




what else would y’all like to see on this blog?! i have no problem keeping up with the outfit posts – but what else? TELL ME!!



2 thoughts on “thrifty tuesday: olive juice

  1. LOVING your hair! It’s so long and pretty! I needed those pictures of pretty sunsets this morning. I’m feeling the winter funk too – it’s annoying me to death how everyone is complaining about the snow but here I am complaining about them complaining about it. I need a good sunset like that in my life!

  2. nikki!! aww thanks girl – – i guess the extra conditioner helps 😉 it’s supposed to be 50 degrees on wednesday – – there’s hope in the world!! 😉 thanks for reading girl xo

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