five years in the making.


i’ve been living in maryland, in the same town, for 27 years. born in the local hospital – grew up in the same house until i was 18.

then it was off to college. i tried florida. that lasted a semester. i was homesick. i was unsatisfied. i was a typical teenager trying to make very adult decisions. why are we given such responsibility at such a young age? makes no sense. especially when college tuition and debt are involved.

i graduated with my degree. a bs in sociology. the study of people. i love people. i love studying them.

then the fun and stressful task of finding a job became my day & night. applications, resumes, rationalizing every job and saying “yeah, i guess i could do that” or “i’m totally qualified to teach kids english as their second language.” these are the conversations you have with yourself when you just wanna hurry up and start your career. your next step.

because life is just one step after the other. (insert feet emoji here) (ps why are the feet red?)

on a very snowy day in february, i got a call from a family friend. she said they were looking for an administrative assistant at the church.

on march 1, 2010, my journey began at chesapeake. well, not really. it started 5 years earlier, through a series of different events and connections, but that’s a story for a different day, different blog post 😉

it’s been five years since i started as full time staff at chesapeake church.


[ this is me on 3/1/10. they take pictures of you on your first day haha i felt right at home 😉 ]

you know, your job is just one part of your life. it’s a big part, but it’s only one part.

however, working at the place where you worship, where you grow in your faith, where the same people that you turn to for counsel are the same people you submit reports, where you call work and home, at the same time – – it’s just an experience i can’t really describe fully.

maybe you’re wondering what exactly i “do” at the church. haha. it’s a fair question.

well, there’s my job title that might give it away – “executive assistant” – but i have a feeling that just made things even more vague 😉

i’m not trying to avoid the question – it’s just such a big answer. the list is long of the “things i do” and i really like my list. but it’s just a list.

when i look back on the last five years, i can say it’s been hard. and i’m not even talking about my job. i’m talking about life.


[ this is me in january – on vacation from the job i love so much. resting & relaxing on the beach are imperative for my soul once a year. ]

DID YOU KNOW: your 20’s are a HUGE transitioning time. no one ever told me this. and if they did, well, i ignored them.

having a job at a church – doing ministry as my job – wasn’t my idea. i was gonna be a teacher.

but we hear this allllll the time. we have plans, God has different plans. and we are in awe at His plans over ours. but it’s true.

God has a mission for my life. and it will never look like how i expect.


the other day my good friend billy asked me what i see myself doing at chesapeake in ten years. it’s a question i get asked all the time.

we are forward thinkers and nobody wants to get stagnant. and i LOVE the challenge.

but here’s MY question – is this ever an easy question for people? like are there actually people out there that know what they want to do in ten years? haha because it’s a ridiculously hard question for me to hear and answer.

but i pushed through haha for the sake of the conversation. i see myself teaching at chesapeake, in some fashion. in a classroom – meeting people. teaching people. i don’t knowwwwwww. that’s as far as my little brain could go.


i’m excited for this journey. i don’t need it all planned out. because His plan for my life is way better than anything i can dream. but i get it. don’t stop dreaming. my dreams and God’s dreams are one in the same. because the more i trust Him, the more i want what He wants. it’s all just so beautiful.


i’m gonna have some ice cream to celebrate these last five years.


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  1. lovely words, Alicia! You hit on exact where I’m at right now. Have faith that there is a beautiful plan, but maybe not the one we exactly expect. Congrats dear!

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