thrifty tuesday: winter rain

yesterday was my day off & it was especially glorious.

i took my time getting outta bed, enjoyed my mocha with an extra shot of espresso, sat in my living room in complete silence, listening to the birds argue over the fact that spring is still 18 days away, went for a nice 3 mile run on the beach (extra windy but super sunny), talked to my bro for a good 54 minutes, caught the sunset, did like 38 lunges, washed my dishes. guys, it was seriously the perfect day.



& now it’s tuesday. thrifty tuesday, specifically. & it was a good day.


yes. there is still snow on the ground.


& yes. i’m standing in it.


the outfit deets:

hair: bun, baby!

blazer: thrifted: $4 // brand: new york & company

black tank: thrifted: $3 // brand: old navy

skirt: thrifted: $1 // brand: express

earrings: thrifted: $1

tights: already owned // brand: target

heels:  already owned // brand: fergalicious

total damage: $9










[pictures by sweet valentina]

i hope you had the happiest tuesday!



here’s a song i’ve been jammin to lately: 





3 thoughts on “thrifty tuesday: winter rain

  1. Your blog is so inspiring to me.
    What’s the name of the thrift store? I go to vintage values a lot too 🙂

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