thrifty tuesday: our secret

last night i went to bed unaware of the date. typically, because monday is my day off, i try to be as unconnected to the outside world as possible. this is good for me. good for my mind. my soul. a calendar is the last thing on my list of things to look at on my day off.

when i went to bed last night, i had my outfit for today planned & ready. i knew it would be warmer & i knew i could get away with bare legs. this = dress weather!


what i didn’t realize was that today is st. patrick’s day.


call me boring – but i’m not a huge “celebrator” of holidays. i mean, really. even thanksgiving & christmas – i just kinda experience them but i don’t really get into the decorating & all the things.


so you can imagine my surprise when i saw all the posts about wearing green today – & here i was – rocking the green like a true st. patty fan.


so this is our little secret – this outfit choice wasn’t intentional. but it did prove to keep me safe from the random pinching around the office.


the outfit deets:

jacket: thrifted: $2 // brand: new directions

dress: thrifted: $1 //

belt: thrifted: $1 // brand: no clue boo!

heels: already owned // brand: nine west

total damage: $4


my pretty, pretty friends. we took full advantage of the weather, together.

IMG_6143it was windy.


did i mention that?

thanks for reading xo

4 thoughts on “thrifty tuesday: our secret

  1. you guys are so beautiful! your green dress is (unintentionally) perfect 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. You are so pretty! Your smile shines through all of the photos. I can tell that you are very comfortable with being yourself in front of the camera. Respect!

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