thrifty tuesday: hyped up!


i have literally started writing this post three times. first – i started to tell you about my new favorite drink at starbucks. then i deleted it. then i started talking about easter and bonnets; erased that too.

and now i’m stumped. what do i want to talk about it?!?! gah. so much pressure.



it’s thrifty tuesday, among other important things. today was busy. we had a coffee tasting at work. i’m currently hyped up on A LOT of caffeine. mmm espresso.







the outfit deets:

blazer: thrifted: $4 // brand: new york & company

black tank: thrifted: $3 // brand: old navy

jeans: thrifted: $1 // brand: bongo

boots:  already owned

total damage: $8






wish me luck getting to sleep tonight!

(pictures by jac!)






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