thrifty tuesday: where i shop!

high, high demand. that’s how i would describe the question: “what thrift stores do you go to?!” you’ve asked me on facebook, on instagram, you’ve commented on my blog posts, you’ve texted me, you’ve screamed at me in starbucks; & now i’m just waiting patiently for someone to send me something in the mail asking!

sike. i’ll answer, i’ll answer. & i’ll start with my favorite thrift store. but i must warn you – it’s nothing fancy.

grant (da boy) wanted to go thrifting with me last week – so i took him to my favorite spot & as we pulled into the parking lot, i started to freak out. i didn’t want him judging my favorite spot. like i said – it’s not fancy – at all. i’ve spent so much money & so much time in there though that it almost feels like my baby. haha

but, of course, grant had no judgements. he stayed by my side as i perused every aisle. he nodded every time i asked “isn’t this cute?!” & spoke words of affirmation on all the stuff i threw into his arms to hold (such a good bf ;))

he even found a few things for himself! yay!

so my go-to store is vintage values. again, let me repeat, there is nothing fancy about this spot. in fact, that’s why i like it so much. the people are so nice & i always leave with a bag full of clothes. maybe i’ll see you there!


today i was feeling a little bit off. a little bit tired.


it’s been a long winter. & i was just having one of those days where i wanted to hide, hide, hide the part of me that seems to highlight “it’s-been-a-long-winter-and-man-ice-cream-tastes-so-dang-good!” you know what i’m saying?



i can’t be the only one! so when grant & i went thrifting last week, i found this perfect cardigan. it’s perfect bc it hides everything! yay!


today’s beautiful weather gives me hope. hope for long, long runs. hope for watermelon for dinner. i’m just so ready to enjoy spring. no more games, no more teasing. no more cardigans to hide my love for ice cream. amen?

imagethe boots? well, i know they are random. they are a thrifty steal from a few years ago. & at the end of the day, sometimes wearing cowboy boots is just necessary.

outfit deets:

hair: a mess

cardigan: thrifted // $2 // brand: avenue

white tank: already owned

pants: already owned (they bit the dust today though 😦 ripped them real good. may they rest in peace)

boots: thrifted // $8

total damage: $10


if we all start cleaning out our closets, we can fill the thrift stores with even cuter stuff!! challenge accepted??!!