thrifty tuesday: amazing april.

it’s been an amazing little april so far. so much excitement, the weather is getting super nice & well, it’s just one month closer to my birthdayyyyy. whoohooo.

i’m gonna post a bunch of what i’ve been doing so far in april the upcoming days – but in the meantime, here are the highlights:

photo 1-2

sunsets, baby oliver is here, easter services at chesapeake!

photo 2-2

more easter celebrating, scott’s birthday & the dc cherry blossoms.

photo 3

more of the same . . .

photo 4

amazing sunday lunch & talk, met josh sundquist & sweet ashley!!!!! & heard from pastor daniel about planting roots in our community.

& it’s only april 14! crazyyy

so i’ll post more pics & details in the days to come.

now onto thrifty tuesday’s outfit! it’s a rainy tuesday, so ahnie was sweet enough to snap a few pics at work today.


we had a late night last night – so i was all about no makeup, glasses on & bun hun!





ahnie makes me laughhhhh.



outfit deets:

button up: thrifted $1 //

jeans: thrifted $1 //

tank: already owned 

flats: already owned

total damage: $2


later gators!!


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