thrifty tuesday: workout

i found nikes at the thrift store! like brand new size eight nikes for $8!

photo 1

it “looks” like i worked out today. but no.

photo 2

instead – i “ran” a ridiculous amount of errands.

photo 3

& then it was time for the beach. i started a new book – “beautiful ruins.” i really like it so far.

photo 4

& then it was time to hang out with bae. aka grant.

photo 1

we went shopping, grabbed dinner & picnicked by the river. or wharf. we aren’t really sure.

photo 2

he’s the good-looking shadow in the picture.

so, this hoodie. lemme tell you about this thrifted $1 hoodie. it’s a “on the byas” brand – – i’ve never heard of it! but it’s SO comfy. & i’m a little obsessed.



thanks for reading, y’all!