karaoke in the car! (vlog!)


grant & i love hiking & love the beach. thankfully, maryland has a ton of parks that combine hiking + beach. it’s awesome.

this weekend we set aside our laziness (aka: watching netflix all day), packed up the car with towels & water & headed to the beach! we chilled, cooled off in the beautiful bae – i mean bay 😉 it was a great day.

once we had enough sunshine, we headed back to my place to relax before church. like i mentioned before, we really like binge watching netflix. this year alone we’ve gone from the office to friends to now, parks and rec. after watching a few episodes (SO EXCITING, I KNOW) – it was time to leave for church.

the topic this weekend at church: friendship. it was powerful & super convicting. it’s always cool how God will whisper reminders throughout the day, all alining with the same idea. earlier, at the beach, grant & i talked about our friendships – with other people & with each other. & then God really showed us that we are on the right page about where we are heading & what friendships to really pour into.

after church, i needed to get a bridal shower gift for my long time friend, kelly.


so off to the closest mall we go! & just so you know – us “country-folk” must travel up to an hour to get to the closest mall. so you can imagine how hangry i got on the ride to the city. lol. or maybe you can’t imagine. just ask grant 😉

first things first, we had to get some food! so we chose whole foods for something quick & delicious! (SUSHI!! for me – – BURGER!! for grant)

then we went to anthropolgie, where the BRILLIANT kelly was registered! have you ever been to anthro?? you MUST go – – even if to just look around. it’s the most adorable place EVER. ugh.
on the way home, i thought it would be fun to document our car karaoke. there’s not a car ride where grant & i don’t sing – – it’s completely normal for us.

life is normal with grant. love him so much. {press play below}