we’re engaged!

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i couldn’t write this story from scratch even if i wanted to.

it’s been quite the journey with mr. grant cardwell. i’ve never had a better year in my life than the one i’ve spent with grant.

he proposed on saturday, august 29, on the beach where we met just one year ago.

our day started out like any other day. grant went to the gym, i went for a long run in the park.

he came over my house and helped do ALL THE THINGS in my yard. like spent the entire day outside while i pretended to clean inside which is really code for nap/netlfix. he’s so good to me.

we went to church service & then headed over to the miller’s where we planned to have dinner. when we parked at their house, grant suggested we go for a walk on the beach.

“should we take the food in the house first?” i asked.

“no, we can do it after our walk.” grant says.

it was a very windy night – just beautiful weather.

we walked down the beach & back – just enjoying the significance of the day & what this beach meant to us.

& then as grant leaned down to put his flip flops back on – he stayed down on one knee, pulled the ring box out of his pocket & asked me to MARRY HIM.


i’m still in the clouds. i know one day the excitement will fade – – but thank the lord for all the feels. we are so thankful.

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