meeting the parents.

holy moly canoli! 31 days until we are married. excited, i am!

in the meantime, let’s throw it back to september – – my first trip to texas.

texas. it’s where grant was born & raised & where all of his family still lives.

grant loves texas. he comes by it natural. he’s not one of those guys that talks about texas all the time – but when he does, you can just feel his genuine love for the state. but it’s more than the state itself. it’s the people in texas – – his family.

we planned a quick weekend trip to meet the parents & it happened to be two weekends after we got engaged. i’m so glad it worked out that way. it’s way more fun to travel with your fiancé than with your boyfriend. haha that’s not true, i just wanted to see how it sounded when i wrote it out.

texas was lovely. his parents live in the dallas / fort worth area & the only reason i’m telling you that is because it’s the only thing i really know – – & i barely know that much.

it was so great meeting all the people grant has been talking about since the first day we met. he loves his family.


my favorite part of the trip was watching his home videos.

if you know me at all, you know i’ve been obsessed with filming life since i was little. luckily my parents shared in this hobby bc we have about 50+ home videos FILLED with first steps, christmas mornings, easter egg hunts, violin concerts & dance competitions. i love home videos.

so you can imagine my excitement when his parents brought out the home videos of my future husband. there is nothing more real & genuine than home videos from the 90’s. it’s pure. no one was expecting anyone to ever watch the videos & therefore people act 100% themselves.

the verdict? he hasn’t changed a bit.  i love him more now that i’ve seen these videos.

but not just the videos.

the whole trip changed the way i see grant. the way he laughs at his dad. the way he hugs his mom. the way he talks to his brother. the way he plays with his nephew. the way he smiles at his cousin. the way he looks at his sister.


it was a beautiful trip & i can’t wait to go back for a longer stay to enjoy more texas-y activities.

here’s the vlog if you wanna see some of the home video action: