rachy gets married!

i’ve had the privilege of being friends with rachael since we were in elementary school. she has been apart of the biggest milestones in my life & i’m forever grateful for her friendship.

& she got married last weekend! to the love of her life, pat. it was a classically BEAUTIFUL wedding. i hope you enjoy the pictures, although they do not do it justice.

this was smack dab in the middle of classic southern maryland, surrounded by the patuxent river with an elegant barn setting. rach is actually the first person to have her wedding on this property – & she absolutely nailed it.

being that my wedding is 8 days away, i was in hyper soon-to-be bride mode, taking notes & watching how she did things. my favorite part was seeing how supportive her family & pat’s family were. they were so willing to help & never wanted rachael to stress about a thing. it was beautiful to watch.


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so happy for rach & pat!! ❤ can we all agree that rach was the most beautiful bride ever?

ps: if there is one picture i regret not getting, it’s the picture of her jimmy choo’s. what kinda blogger am i?! ugh. they were magical.


all photos are mine & were taken on my iPhone 6s.

location: cage farms; st. leonard, maryland

rachael’s dress: alfred angelo

bridemaids dresses: alfred angelo

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  1. Love this, captured all the magical moments. I can’t wait to see yours on here 💕 so glad you were a part of this beautiful occasion!

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