we missed our flight

last week was CRAZY! i crammed four days of work into two days of work and then we loaded up the car to head to texas for G’s brother’s wedding.

well, because we had to move fast and take care of a lot of things before heading out of town, we miscalculated our timing to get to the parking garage, grab the shuttle, get to the airport, go through security, etc. etc. so we missed our flight. it was a terrible feeling for us both. i have never missed a flight before! ugh. I’m not good with that stuff – now G knows that we should never risk it. EVER. haha. I’d rather sleep in the airport/on the airplane than stress about getting to the airport on time. any who, G rescheduled our flight and all was well.

we took the 6 hour free time we suddenly had to Uber into the city and explore. We had breakfast at Founding Farmers and well, we really weren’t impressed. We sat at the communal table because we didn’t make a reservation. It was 7:30AM. Who makes breakfast reservations? It’s clear we are not city folk. I’ll take Bob Evans “sit down right away” breakfast anyday over fancy restaurants that need breakfast reservations at 7 in the morning!

It has been raining all week, but miraculously, this was a beautiful gloomy day to explore washington, dc.












we saw the White House – my very first time seeing it from the front side!

I showed G around the Air & Space Museum which he loved.

Then we took an Uber back to the airport, caught our flight, landed in Texas, checked-in to our hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and were in bed by 8PM. It was a long day, but we made the best of it!

Here are some other pictures from the wedding. It was beautiful and fun, but so fast! It feels like we snapped our fingers and it was already time to leave Texas. We had to be back Saturday for another wedding in Maryland, so the quick trip was necessary but still a bummer.


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