Stone Levi: His First Week

There was a moment in the hospital where I started to cry. Okay. There were several. But these specific tears were FULL of joy. It was when I scrolled through Facebook’s “On This Day” and I realized that exactly one year ago, we shared our miscarriage story. We shared this genuine love and hope we had for our Baby June with the world. We cried tears of sadness as we read the stories of so many others who had experienced a similar loss. We cried tears of hope as people believed in our future as parents.

That day in the hospital was November 28, 2017. One day before Stone was born. It’s absolutely no coincidence that God would plan out this story to show His love and mercy, but I’m once again floored by His timing.

And then I login to wordpress. This blog. I haven’t written a post since November 29, 2016. The post? Our miscarriage story .

I literally abandoned the blog after that post. And I’m logging in tonight, and seeing the last post was full of sadness and then there’s this post — full of so much excitement and joy. Our son is here!

He was born on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at 2:17AM.

5 pounds, 15 ounces

18 inches


I want to share some of our favorite moments in Stone’s first week! It’s been hard, but so fun, all at the same time.

We’ve been home since Friday and here we are, it’s already Wednesday! And guess how many pictures we’ve taken? 575!

575!! in 7 days! gahhhhh we love him so much and he’s too too too cute!


Peed on daddy, pooed on daddy, super strong legs during tummy time, lots of visitors and new friends, sneezes all the time, loves skin to skin with mommy and daddy, nursing was hard and now its a lot easier, the cats are scared of Stone, only cries when he needs a diaper change.

We love this little boy sooooooo much!!

4 thoughts on “Stone Levi: His First Week

  1. This whole blog is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Love all three of you and pray God’s blessings over your lives. Now the awesome work of parenting begins! Be easy on your parents little Stone!❤️👶

  2. The way God is weaving your love story is beautiful and inspiring. I love your desire t share and encourage others. I wish i could see all 575 pics! 😍what a cutie!!

  3. oh my word he is so tiny and so perfect!!! seriously, i think you guys made a perfect baby! he is a beautiful little miracle and i wish i lived by you so i could be one of the visitors and could snuggle and smell him for a whole day. ❤

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