Stone Levi: Week Two

We just ordered chipotle online for dinner and I’m so excited. While I wait, I shall blog.

Stone is doing great! Last Friday he was 6 pounds 4 ounces, well over his “last day in the hospital” weight of 5 pounds 9 ounces. We’ve been letting him sleep sleep sleep because he’s gaining weight and it’s made nights way easier on this tired mama.

Grant also went back to work on Monday and I was pretty hesitate and nervous. I loved having him home; not just for the company but also the major help. He would do a majority of the burpings and diaper changes – I loved seeing him have that bonding time with Stone. So Sunday night, Grant moved into the guest room so he could get some solid sleep while Stone and I slept in our bedroom. It’s been working out great – Grant wakes up for work at 5AM well rested, and Stone and I get a good 4-5 hours of sleep before it’s diaper change/feeding time.

Nursing is going great. He’s been an amazing latcher since an hour after birth (thank youuuuu lord!) and after a lot of trial and error, I have the hang of the best positions for him, when he’s actually hungry and when he has gas or needs a diaper change. I’M GETTING TO KNOW MY SON. It’s so surreal to have this relationship just through the simple act of nursing. I love it.

Other cool milestones for his week:

FIRST BATH – he loved it but kept his eyes closed most of the time (fake sleeper!)

FIRST SNOW – he endured the cold, and the mini photoshoot, for his mom and dad.

DUE DATE – we celebrated the fact that he was two weeks early and that God ALWAYS has the best plan!

Here are some of the pictures from week two. Wayyyyyyy less than week one, but still just as adorable and precious. I think Saturday Grant and I will record/write our birth story – and post both on Sunday, so stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Stone Levi: Week Two

  1. Those pics where his eyes are wide open I imagine him saying “someone cuddle me I am cold!” That’s what I would be saying anyway!

  2. He is the definition of “awesome cuteness”!! XOXOX to all three of you!!
    Love y’all!!
    Aunt Di

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