Stone Levi: Week Three


Our little monkey is 8 pounds today! He’s gaining weight people – this make this mama super happy. All the feedings feel worth it. He’s growing. Thank the Lord. It’s easy to spend your entire day feeding your child and changing diapers and so you tell yourself, “there’s poo – so he’s definitely getting milk.” but then you still doubt.

But you can’t deny weight gain. whoohoo. thankful!

We’ve had a pretty good week. His belly button is finally officially healed from the umbilical cord – it was rough and bloody there for a while. We’ve had a bunch of beautiful visitors which I’m always thankful for. His hair is growing a ton which i LOVE. Gosh I love his furry little head of hair. I can’t stop kissing him. Last night was ROUGH. I think he had gas and he was inconsolable. That was hard. Grant and I took it out on each other and today we had to kiss and make up. It’s easy to take it out on each other. But we made a promise to not do that again . . . and we can’t break promises so . . .

We’ve been walking everyday which Stone loves. We’ve been spoiled with some warmer days, but tonight I just couldn’t squeeze in an outdoor walk so I opted for the treadmill. First “workout” in the new house – it felt good.

And on the topic of working out, I’m excited to do some postpartum updates. Would y’all be interested in that? I find it so beautiful how our bodies and lives after baby are so different.

Thanks for reading! xo

3 thoughts on “Stone Levi: Week Three

  1. oh boy. i myself am familiar with the concept of “taking it out on each other even though it’s the baby making you nuts”. we have better weeks and worse weeks. the important thing is to always make up, even if it keeps happening (sometimes promises are easier made than kept haha).

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