Stone Levi: You’re 5 Weeks Old!

I’m overwhelmed by all your amazing advice from last week! Things are SO much better. thank you to everyone who called, texted, commented, messaged, etc. We’ve taken breaks between feeds, we use mylicon drops (gas relief), i’m burping Stone sitting up, feeding him while i’m laying down more (which seems to help slow my flow!) and honestly, just hearing how NORMAL the spit up is boosted my confidence which ultimately gave me a ton more patience every time it happened. Totally helped!!

Baby boy is one more pound heavier! 9lbs 7oz. He’s growing great I think! A couple of fun 5 week milestones: Stone’s getting so strong with lifting his head. He *seems* to be cracking smiles at me. Could be my imagination, but I totally see it! He’s doing about 4-6 hours of his longest sleep stretch at night. Love that. Eating great. I think that’s it really.

Grant and I celebrated three years since our first date. 12/30/14. We watched the vlog from our first date together and it sparked a little of that “first-date-butterfly” romance that has for some reason been missing these last few weeks (re: newborn baby!) It was a fun trip down memory lane.

And then it was NYE. We spent the day undecorating for Christmas, cleaning and organizing, and cooking meals for the week! I made a yummy pizza for dinner, we popped champagne from our Charleston vacation (in May when I was *secretly* pregnant) and the baby was in bed by 8pm. And we were in bed shortly after! I’ve never been obsessed with NYE. Honestly, my favorite NYE was 2014 because it was spent with Grant, and from then on, I really don’t have a desire to stay up haha I know I’m not the only one. I am pretty sure no one is obsessed with NYE anymore. Ok. I just made that up.

And now we shall wait for what could be the first snow of 2018! I’m hoping we get snowed in and Grant gets the day off! *does snow dance shake on the couch while typing*

thanks for reading! xo

One thought on “Stone Levi: You’re 5 Weeks Old!

  1. I am so happy you have found some help with the feeding/puking issue. It really is a normal thing especially if you produce a lot of milk. I didn’t so I did not experience that issue. You are healthy and so is Stone. I love all the pictures. He is obviously thriving!
    Love you, Mom

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