Stone Levi: 6 Weeks WHAT?!

our little joy is 6 weeks today! 6 weeks! We are coming off of a really fun and crazy week!

First, it snowed! Normal for Maryland. Not normal for Grant to get off work – but praise, he did! So that was extra fun to have daddy home on a Thursday. Then on Friday, JuJu, PeePaw and Trevon (Grant’s mom dad and nephew) came into town from Texas. We enjoyed their company all weekend, filled with good food, games and old fashioned snuggles with the grandparents. That adorable penguin hat that Stone is wearing in the pictures above was made by his JuJu; she’s got a knack for making him adorable hats and blankets!

Some updates for Stone personally: his eyes are raging blue! his hair and eyebrows are getting darker! his eyelashes are growing longer and darker! he slept for 7 hours straight! he moved from newborn diapers to size 1! he wore his first 0-3 month onesie (he’s been rocking the newborn size since birth).

He smiled at a compete stranger today at the doctors. I was so proud. He’s actually smiling big in his swing right now. Still 100% believing these are real smiles (and if you disagree – well, hush!) 😉

His spitting up has decreased tremendously – so happy about that! He’s loving bath time. He’s so peaceful during it. We love the end, when we wrap him up in his cozy towel and put on his pjs. What parent doesn’t love those moments right after bath time?! ugh. can’t get enough.

We took our first car ride alone together. I got my hair done – so overdue!! Lordy. Thankful for darker roots and a successful first outing. Then today we had our second, much longer, outing to my midwife appt. Everything went good there – GOT THAT GREEN LIGHT, if you know what I mean! #6weekstoolong #grantshappy

I also started using my cloth diapers yesterday. I think I really like them! Hoping to use them exclusively while I’m home – trying to save some $$ and the earth and stuff.

And one last great thing – my wedding rings finally fit again! Haven’t been able to wear my rings since like 2 months into my pregnancy. It’s the little things people!

so I got curious (and desperate) and ordered the nose frida. google that bad boy if you’ve never heard of it. it’s done amazing things for my stuffy, fussy boy! we are so thankful for this swedish invention haha. now, whether or not to buy the windi (also google)

I took my last placenta pills 😦 cue the tears. no seriously. cue the tears haha I noticed a difference in my ability to cry at the drop of a dime. this was proven during the golden globes when even the most normal acceptance speech was met with tears rolling down my face.

and finally, Stone has gained another 5 oz since last week, bringing his chunky total to 10lbs 3oz.

we love you monkey chunk! you light up our lives!





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