The Season Of The Sponge (plus baby pics, duh!)

“Soak it up. These days won’t last. Enjoy every second. Soak it up.”

I’ve heard these phrases multiple times in my life. The first time I can remember was probably in high school. I didn’t know what they meant – that “these days won’t last.” That these people may not be your friends in ten years. I couldn’t even imagine a world any different than the world of my high school days.

But they were right. I moved on to college and I looked back and those days were a distant memory. A really good, good, memory – but distant for sure.

I guess the next season I remember hearing those words was when I started dating Grant. And then into our marriage. BK. Before kids. This season was apparently so precious that I shouldn’t even THINK about having kids. Because once you intro kids into the mix – life is over.

Not everyone had this perspective, but man oh man, I was hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t. And I think I’m too fresh into the motherhood game to really see how precious those newlywed days truly were. I mean, just like high school wasn’t a walk in the park, neither were the newlywed days. If you’re married, I know I don’t have to explain that to you.

But here we are, in this new season of soaking it up. And I am truly soaking it up. I’m really trying. I even have extra burp cloths there is so much soaking happening. But seriously, I can’t imagine appreciating this season more than I am, but I know in a few years I’ll look back and say, dang they were right. And I might even shake my head at my younger self and say “She really didn’t soak it up. She thought she was, but she had no idea.”

And so, I want to have a little conversation with future self. You are wrong. I may not love every second of every day, because newborn life is hard and motherhood is hard and being a wife is hard and keeping a home clean and organized is hard, but holy moly, I’ve never felt more like a sponge in my life. I’m giving my ALL to this child. I’m being vulnerable and crying on his precious, sweet, barely-hair-filled head while he eats, thinking about how thankful I am to be his mom.

And tonight, I think about the next season where some sweet, wise person will be smiling telling me to “soak it up, these days won’t last.” Or — plot twist — I’ll be looking into the eye of some sweet, young person saying the same thing.

I’m thankful that God gives us the ability to learn SO much even as we grow up. He’s not done with us yet. No, no, no. We aren’t factory made, replicas of the next person. We are unique and fearfully made. Set out for an individual PURPOSE. We will continue to grow as long as we let Him. The same vulnerability I have to give Stone, is the same vulnerability I have to give God. He wants my ALL. He needs my ALL.

Can you tell I’m out of my placenta pills? (hello hormones!) I hope tonight, whatever season you’re in, you let yourself be a sponge. And sometimes sponges soak up quick, and sometimes sponges soak up slowly. And sometimes sponges stink. And sometimes sponges need a good wringing out. Soak it up! Enjoy every second. These days won’t last. xo

And now some adorable pictures of my 7 week old son! And one of my cat! Stone (my son, not my cat . . . his name is Sonic) is 10lbs 9oz (up 6oz from last week). He’s being a little monster at the “witching hour” and it makes mommy cry sometimes, but other than that, he’s cooing more, smiling more, awake a little more, liking tummy time a little more, and stealing my heart major. love you stink butt!


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