Baby Sees Angels (3 months old!)

Have you ever seen the movie Angels In The Outfield? I haven’t but my husband has.

Lately – for like the past three weeks or so – my 3 month son will be laying on his back, looking around the room, when he will suddenly focus on the ceiling, and start smiling. Like the huge smile he gives me and his dad. I’ll look up at the ceiling like “what the heck?!” and this is literally what he sees:

I have the app “BabySee” that shows you what your baby can see at different ages. It’s pretty cool.

At Stone’s age, all he sees is gray with a little blur.

So, I’m telling Grant about this – like my son is literally flirting with the ceiling – and he brings up Angels In The Outfield. He tells me babies might be able to see angels.

I’m like no way.

But now, after witnessing my child do this almost everyday for WEEKS, the sentiment is actually really sweet and I’m starting to believe he is seeing something or someone. Maybe it’s Jesus. Or some sweet angel in heaven. I believe in spiritual warfare. I believe there are demons and angels and a constant battle between the two. I believe there are things in life that exist that we can’t see. I just never thought about my baby being able to see them. It has really softened my heart.

It’s crazy. Or it sounds crazy, but now I just watch in awe. I wonder what he can see; who he sees. Rather than thinking it’s crazy or impossible, I think it’s beautiful.

Stone is 3 months today! He weighs 14lbs 5oz and is obsessed with sucking on his fists. I love it! He loves to talk and coo. Very alert these days. It was cool to see the switch. He used to eat and then fall right back asleep and the only time he was really active was late afternoon. But now we spend 45 minutes every time he’s awake hanging out, talking, singing, playing. It’s so special to me.

He definitely recognizes me and Grant. Even on Facetime he recognizes his daddy. He LOVES bath time with Grant. They have games they play and it’s amazing to see how smart he already is. I do bath time on Tuesdays while Grant is at school, and Stone doesn’t miss a beat – he starts playing his little games with me. It’s precious. He rubs his eyes when he’s tired. I mean, does it get any cuter?

He loves when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. His face lights up. He slept his longest stretch of sleep so far last night (2/27/18): 10 hours and 45 minutes. Proud of him. Thankful for this time and this season. I’m very aware things could change.

We are vlogging again! I’m really excited to be doing this again – it’s a huge passion of mine and we have some really exciting life changes happening! Watch it if you missed the latest:

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  1. Omg I am so happy and so amazed. I can’t wait to see him and you again. I love the pictures.
    Love, Mom, Nana

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