New Chapter

“I was leaving midwifery behind but Nonnatus House was where my family lived. And I would love it forever. My time there shaped me, as it shaped every life it touched.” Call The Midwife
January 2018 was long. I was a brand new mom, spending my days nursing my newborn. My resting place was the couch, mindlessly watching Netflix. I had been through The Crown, Parenthood and now I was starting Call The Midwife.
January is when I knew God was calling me to stay home with Stone. To not go back to work full time.
I tell people that it was the hardest yet easiest decision of my life. Motherhood was life changing for me. My job defined me for all of my 20s. I loved it. It’s all I knew. And to transition from all the tasks and accomplishments and accolades and relationships and good God stuff that happened daily, I was choosing a different life. It’s been a process and I’m still swimming through it.
But when I heard the sweet narrator on CTM speak those words above, I couldn’t help but replace “Nonnatus House” with “Chesapeake Church.” It speaks so much truth right now in my life.
March 1st is usually when I would celebrate my “work” anniversary, but now it’s just another day! haha and that’s ok! My days look much different now. I love being home. I filmed a DAY IN THE LIFE so you should check it! See what all the #SAHM fuss is all about 😉