15 x 15 x 15

my baby boy is 15 weeks! He weighs 15lbs! And I want to share 15 things I love about him! Ready, set, go:

  1. He belly laughs at me. Like a deep giggle that makes you want to eat his cheeks!
  2. He has huge chunky cheeks. So kissable!
  3. He is so patient. He waits on his mommy to finish doing random things before he can eat.
  4. He smiles every morning when I get him from his crib. The biggest gummy smile.
  5. He talks all day long. he tells so many stories.
  6. He pays close attention when I read him books. He looks at the pages and follows along.
  7. He gives me grace and always forgives me.
  8. He loves his daddy.
  9. He sleeps like a dang champ!
  10. He enjoys being held by everyone.
  11. He lights up when we sing to him.
  12. He loves gnawing on Grant’s fingers.
  13. He’s inquisitive and curious.
  14. He’s strong and determined.
  15. He’s so sweet.

We love you so much Stone Levi. Happy 15 weeks!

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