Some really good advice when traveling to Maui. If you can swing it financially, I REALLY suggest adding a full day of travel to the start of your vacation. So the day before your resort stay begins, book all your flights. We traveled from Baltimore, to Atlanta, to LAX to Maui. It was a LONG day. So once we arrived in Maui, we took a hotel shuttle to a VERY close hotel by the airport. We checked-in, and CRASHED (zzzz). The next morning we woke up and took a shuttle to the rental car facility by the airport. That’s when we picked up our Jeep for the week. Then we went into the town of Paia, had breakfast, explored in the rain, drove back to our hotel, had a phtotshoot in the gardens, walked to a pond, and then checked out of our hotel. We drove back to Paia for lunch, explored the beach and then drove to our resort where check-in was at 3 or 4pm.

Our flights were easy peasy. We even got the glorious middle seat to ourselves for the long flight from Atlanta to LAX. Overall, I’d say travel the day before and stay the night in LAX and finish the trip to Maui in the morning OR fly straight to Maui and stay in a hotel near the airport that night.

Plan for major jet lag! You will have it! I believe Maui is 6 hours behind east coast time? So yeah. You’ll be tired. That’s part of the fun I guess 😉