HOLLY-AHH-KALA – learn how to pronounce this first thing, and you’ll be golden!
Yes, Haleakala is 100% hands down a must do must see when you’re in Maui.

Pack for a ski trip on this day. Like seriously, you’ll need a heavy coat, a hat, gloves, warm socks, actual shoes, blankets, scarfs. You think I’m kidding. It’s like FREEZING and WINDY the entire time on the summit. You’re up 10000 feet! TRUST ME. You’re also up there for hours if you do it right.

And what I mean about doing it right — well, you have to wake up at 1:30A, leave by 2A, you’ll reach the summit by 4:30A. You will then walk up the hill to the tower and wonder, where is the bathroom? THERE ISN’T A BATHROOM. NO BATHROOM. Soo pee before you leave, or stop at the visitors center on the way up the mountain. If you are anything like we were, you’ll see the caravan of cars and be like NOPE NOT STOPPING, MUST GET TO THE TOP FIRST. It’s so weird, bc you hurry up the mountain just to wait. It’s PITCH dark so make sure someone has a head lamp. You think you’ll just your your phone flashlight, but just invest in the headlamp. It’s too cold to be messing with your phone (THINK: SKI TRIP) So now you’re waiting in the pitch dark, in a tower, with lots of whispering and flashlights. Yup. Everyone is super quiet. FOR HOURS. Finally around 6 (maybe??) you’ll see that first peek of light from the sky. This is when you brave the wind and go mark your spot along the rock wall. Get a good spot and plan to be standing there for the next hour. Bring a tripod for a sweet time-lapse! Seriously worth it. Bring a SD card just for the occasion so you can film for an hour straight. It will be so beautiful. You’ll see people jumping over the rock wall and taking epic pictures. You and your friends will be contemplating doing the same once the sun has officially risen. And then you’ll get the courage to jump over the wall (like all the people before you) and a park ranger will come out of nowhere and tell you you can’t do that. It will be confusing bc EVERYONE ELSE is still walking around over the wall. But just smile and take a terrible picture for afar.

Haleakala is by far the best part of going to Maui. You’re ABOVE the clouds, like it’s heaven on earth. Enjoy it! You’ll be outta there by 7AM! Bring snacks with you. And enjoy the ride down — it’s way better than the dark ride up the mountain.