Earlier in that morning we did the whole epic sunrise experience on Haleakala, and since “we were in the area” we added on the Lavender Farm experience and a random off-the-beat trail walking. I’m not sure I recommend either of them — but let’s jump into it!

Was the farm beautilly kept and peaceful? YES! Oh my goodness yes! It wasn’t busy at all. We did get there around 8:15 am (no food places around to pass the time 😦 ) so we laid on our blanket in front of our jeep until they opened. It costs $3 per person to enter through general admission. Super friendly folks working there. You basically walk around and take pictures. It’s neat – and not too expensive. So if you like nature walks, I say do it. Can’t hurt.

We then took a wild ride to our next location. We went to Polipoli. I can’t remember who told us about this — it was a local. Maybe our shuttle driver? We decided to go off-roading and take the wild ride. Eh. I don’t know if it was worth the time and the bumpy drive. I mean, were the trees cool? Yes. But there weren’t like sweet trails to go on. Or maybe there were but by the time we got there, we were exhausted from the early rise.If you get car sick like me – maybe skip this local secret. The video doesn’t do it justice – – it was pretty. The fog was awesome. But I can’t guarantee it will be like that when you go sooooo. Maybe ask a local about PoliPoli and see what they say about it.

And of course, ending the day at our fav place: flatbread pizza! YUM.