Stone’s 8 Month Update!

Best 8 months of my life because of our little man. Every tear, every hiccup, every stress, every sacrifice has been worth it. He makes me better.

He’s still only got those two precious *sharp* bottom teeth, but we know more will be here soon!

he’s a mover and a shaker now! Fully crawling all over the place (about a week after he turned 7 months) and he is pulling himself up onto everything! he’s so strong and so determined. I love his persistence and the way he thinks through every hand placement and every move of his foot. He’s so strategic. No move is wasted on Stone Levi. He’s the smartest and I love watching him figure it all out!

we’ve got him in the high chair at restaurants and he loves it. we love it too!

stone is obsessed with grant and it’s beautiful to watch. sometimes i get a little jealous but then i remember how important the father son relationship is and I need this for Stone. I want this so badly for him and I know how desperately grant wants it too. Plus, i have my own special bond with the baby, and nothing will ever take that away!

little man is babbling and spitting (not in a gross way – more for the sound and the vibrations on his lips i think) and it’s hilarious!! i love talking to him, singing to him, reading to him. he’s really so much fun!

look at those rolls! he’s about 20 lbs but he feels like 40! EBF him with a few tastes of fruit and veg here and there. Not rushing any of it!

he makes THE BEST faces! One is his “i’m not gonna smile at you” face and the other is his “what the hell?” face. He cracks us up! I never want to forget these precious expressions!

he’s loving the pool and our daily walks and the swings! couldn’t care less about the slide, though. summer seems to be his favorite so far. ps: yes that lady behind me is pregnant and she looks amazing and she def knows it – clearly.

we love you so much Stone Levi. Grateful for amazing 8 months!

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