Awkward Mom (11 month baby update)

Let me explain the title of this post! We often go to a fun public spot during the day, just me and Stone. And Stone LOVES people so much it hurts, so most of our time at these places includes him speed crawling over to parents and their kids . . . with me crawling behind, trying to catch up.

What I’m finding to be that “awkward mom” scenario is when Stone grabs theirs toys, or wants to climb up on the parents, just as he would with any visitor in our home, he just wants to dive right in and be apart of their lives. He knows no stranger. However, everyone is a stranger to me, mommy. lol

And i want that for him! I love his friendly nature. So i’m struggling – do I pull him away? Do I enter into the conversation with the other parents while the older kids try to pretend that they are ok with a baby taking their toys? Often these other parents (mostly moms) are in a very private gossip sesh, in which I literally enter into without an invitation. I sit there and smile AWKWARDLY while my son tries to “make friends.” It’s so awkward.

But my desire is that Stone will learn these social skills, and I know that until he has a voice to express himself, I am his voice.

I know I can do better – for instance, I can ask the kids if he can play with them. Man, it’s super hard as I’m more of an independent person – I sometimes just want to be invisible while Stoney has a good time. It can be very weird, but I want to get better. Because these toys aren’t personal property – they belong to the library or the coffee shop – but I know that I need to teach the principle of asking before grabbing. And since he has no concept, I need to be his voice until he learns. Thoughts?

Anyway, our sweet social pumpkin pie is 11 months old! He’s still coming in strong at around 22 lbs, he’s got 8 strong teeth, he’s cruising around and crawling around and has only let go to stand unassisted a few times for a few seconds. He’s expressive and predictable. He nurses of demand, which is hard because there is no schedule and he’s usually distracted. Lots of popping off abruptly and harshly – OUCH MAMA! This age is hard to nurse, I think. But as difficult as it can be – I will push through.

He’s a big squealer! His octave range is impressive. lol he loves to sing LOUD and dance. I see some toddler moments peeking through – he understands what I’m saying and although he doesn’t talk back, we are communicating and I LOVE it.

Food still consists of one solid meal a day – at dinner. He loves bananas, sweet pots, and *sometimes* broccoli – as long as it’s mixed in. I think once we hit one year, we’ll do solids 3 times a day. Not rushing it though! He’s sleeping great! Bedtime is 6:30pm and he’s usually up by 6:15am. He’s taking two naps at 9am and 1pm, and they go from 1hr20mins to 1hr45mins. He really loves the routine! I can tell, he’s really thriving and I can tell his body clock is working.

We love you Stoney! You’re our JOY!