Fall Williamsburg Vacation – Historic + Beautiful

hey guys! this is about a month overdue, but we took a week vacation to colonial williamsburg, virginia back in october. it was relaxing and super fun! 10/10 i recommend! we stayed at wyndham patriot place, fyi. i also highly recommend. SUPER family friendly, especially if you like hanging outside. only complaint was the employees drive quite fast around the property, which is scary when you are strolling with the family without sidewalks. however the maintenance support were friendly and courteous in their golf carts. we were about a 5-7 minute drive to colonial williamsburg, which was actually perfect. we parked at 230 N Henry Street every time we went into the town and it was cheap and super convenient.

10/5/18: Grant took off Friday so we could pack everything up and head to Virginia during Stoney’s afternoon nap. So we hit the road around 1pm and he did nap . . . but not for two hours lol after some stress and a lot of me jumping in the back seat to “nurse while driving” we finally made it! I think around 4pm! which wasn’t too bad. Grant got us all checked in, unpacked and then we headed back out to golden corral. i love going to the buffet when we are traveling because we can easily get unbuttered and unspiced simple food for stoney. he loves a good sweet potato and broccoli.

10/6/18: Saturday we woke up and loaded up the stroller for our daily morning walk. We stayed on the property and walked around the beautiful the streets. It was truly adorable to see all the colonial inspired cottages. Loved it! we spent the rest of the morning getting settled in. then we went to earth fare, an amazing grocery store with extremely high standards for the products they carry and sell. we loved walking through there and we picked up lunch from there as well. our goal was to grocery shop and eat in for two meals a day. but we basically only ate breakfast in the rental haha but at least we tried.

i’m quite a travel hotel snob and i NEED a fan while i sleep. well, our room was like a stagnate pond the first night so we headed to the local hardware store to buy a fan. it saved me the rest of the trip. 10/10 recommend remembering your fan from home – you’ll save $30!

10/7/18: Sunday we walked and then went to lunch after Stone’s morning nap. We tried which wich which was okay, in my opinion. then we found a fun park called kidsburg (veterans park) and played there for a bit. although this was a fall trip, the weather was still feeling like summer! so it was fun to play outside and stone loved climbing around. Later in the day we headed into town, parked and then discovered there was a HUGE arts & music festival (an occasion for the arts) happening in the main strip of the town. We walked around in the heat for about as much as we could bare. I told Grant this was NOTHING like it normally is and we decided we would come back the next day to see the place in it’s normal vibe. We ended the night watching the Ted Bundy special. 10/10. Love true crime!

10/8/18: Monday we walked and after Stone’s nap we headed back to town. We walked around and of course went to The Peanut Shoppe. FREE SAMPLES DUH. but for real, we got a big tin of malt balls which were like dipped 7 times in chocolate. gosh they were good. Dog Street Pub was a delightfully DELICIOUS lunch in town. 10/10 recommend! And as if malt balls weren’t enough sugar, we creeped into Kilwin’s and ordered some seriously delicious milkshakes for dessert. after Stone’s afternoon nap, we spent $19 on a game of mini golf at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf as a family. we were behind a couple who may have had a few drinks at lunch, so it was a rough ride following them. there’s nothing worse than getting stuck behind slow and confused people during mini golf lol. it was pretty neck and neck as we played, but ultimately i beat grant by 4 or so points. we both had a few hole-in-ones 🙂 the place was so dang cute and well maintained and it was so HOT! Later in the evening, I decided we HAD to take advantage of the gorgeous property where we were staying and we would do family pictures. Thank God for a cute kid, a handsome husband and a good self timer camera. We love how they all turned out. Forever family pictures right there! For dinner, we ordered Chili’s after Stone went to bed – Grant picked it up because he’s an angel!

10/9/18: Tuesday we headed to my Aunt Judy’s house, which was about 45 minutes away. Random unplanned visits are great – considering spontaneity is the last on the list to describe me. Stone loved hearing her sing and play her guitar. his first up close guitar experience! Lunch was on the way home – Chick-fil-a! And then we just hung out, probably went for a walk and then ordered from a local mexican place for dinner. Grant and I fought about guacamole and that sucked lol I also cut my finger on the take-out container. Also sucked.

10/10/18: Wednesday, after our morning walk and stone’s morning nap, we packed up the airbnb and headed to the town for one last long walk around. I told Grant about a tree that I had taken a picture in front of the last time i was in williamsburg back in 2014. i had no clue where it was or if i would ever be able to find out. as we strolled along, grant looked up and asked “is that it?” he found the damn tree! what a perfect angel – i told you guys! haha so it was fun to recreate the tree picture again. We headed home after that and made it home in pretty good timing to grab some pizza at our favorite local spot Nicollettis.

it goes without saying that at each and every place we went, stone flirted and talked to everyone who would look at him. he loved on every person, and we are so proud of his heart for people. it makes us better parents. and we learn so much through his giving spirit. he just loves. it’s beautiful.

so that’s it! this was our first family vacation and it was PERFECT. our first long trip as a family of three that i’ll always remember. i’ll admit the driving part is hard when stone gets fussy but we deal with it the best we can sometimes (i.e. headphones). i hope this was a fun look into our trip. enjoy all the pics and thanks for reading!  


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  1. What a nice account of a fun and relaxing trip!
    Lovely photos! Those were a couple awesome trees and I’m glad you found the one from before!
    Love the pic of the lads playing golf together!
    You make a pretty family in a wonderful setting!
    Keep up the great travelogues!

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