I think I have a toddler . . .


Stone is 14 months! I’m loving this sweet age. I can’t help but sit in awe of him everyday, even though his brave courageous streak keeps me anxious on my toes. He loves climbing up on everything and figuring out how to descend from his little tiny mountains. He has two molars coming in which brings him to 10 teeth total! We are still nursing but we supplement with food much much more now. He loves to eat and he’s trying to use a spoon, but he’s no pro. He crawls at lighting speed, and has started standing on his own with no assistance. No real steps yet. He talks all the time, and really understands me when I prompt him about animals or things he might want to play with or things he might want to do. He is an early bird like his mom, with a very consistent internal clock. He wakes up around 6:30A, takes two naps a day, and then he’s down for bed by 7P. He’s currently obsessed with: Elmo, birds, squirrels, planes, his walker, reading books and going up and down steps. He’s full of energy and still craves to be the life of the party when we are out and about. He loves every person he meets! He’s just an angel. My sweet angel baby . . . I mean toddler. Love you so much Stone!


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  1. Missed you over on IG. Stopped by and got the sweetest refreshment catching up on your blog! Hope y’all are well!

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