sloppy dating.

Waiting for you and you alone was worth it. •••

27 seems OLD to find the boyfriend that becomes your husband, but IT’S NOT OLD. it’s perfect. We did the messy growing up BEFORE we met each other (i mean, we still have messy stuff to go through but the maturity to see our weaknesses was there already!) ps: Grant was 30 when he met me! Doesn’t that sound ANCIENT😂it’s not – i promise!

Wait, pray, wait and don’t settle. Please do not settle.

Also, write down the qualities you want in a forever partner. Decide NOW what you want and what you will not deal with. You gotta speak it, otherwise you’ll fall hard for the fun butterflies and wake one day and be like WHAT IS HAPPENING lol •••

Write down the kind of partner YOU want to be too! Speak it! Because marriage is HARD and it’s not gonna be easy. I used to think marriage was the final chapter; the confetti would fall from the sky and we would jump on that cruise ship and sail for the rest of our lives. NOPE. You will discover all your mess in that first year and you’ll destroy 17 mops/brooms/vacuums trying to clean it all up 😂and then day by day you’ll work on being a better YOU. it’s a beautiful refining, but hear me – you’re not finished yet. We are never finished – because God is NEVER finished.