on friendship.


Grant & I are like 110% complete opposites. He is the sweetest person, laughs at pretty much everything I say or do, constantly wants to serve me in some way. He has zero drama in his life, he’s easy to please and loyal behind measure.

Me, well I’m highly unpredictable, very needy, irritable within seconds of laughing and low, low energy. But we love each other the best way we know how.

Right now I’m truly learning how much I need Grant and how much he fills the space between all of my crazy. and I know my crazy fills the space between his calm.

I think I’ve spent the last 20+ years trying to make my closest friends be exactly like me. I know it’s a weakness I have; some deep desire to have a twin, perhaps? Having friends just like me is predictable and safe. I’ve been playing it safe for most of my life – and when it’s not safe – I run.

I run hard and fast and leave a dust of confusion in my place. Sigh. I told you, it’s my weakness. God knew I needed my most sacred & closest relationship to show me how important it is for people to be themselves.

I love how much Grant loves who I am. He’s never once tried to change me or decrease my personality. He truly delights in me – in everyone, really. I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to be more like him. I want to love people exactly as they are, where they are. I want to surrender all the crazy control I’ve tried to have over people. I lay it at the cross tonight, because where I am weak, He is STRONG. I thank God that He’s not finished with me. He’ll continue to teach me to be more like Him. bc that’s really what I’m trying to say. Grant shines Christ in my life — from the moment he leans over to whisper good morning to the last whisper of good night. ☀️🌙💛