Toddler Spring Schedule!

I’m quite the scheduled person, especially now that I’m a mom. It took about 8 months, but once we sleep-trained our little guy, the schedule was introduced and life for the Cardwells became a rhythm! And we love it – mainly because Stone knows exactly what to expect and he really thrives. It took a bit to get here, but I thought I’d share our springtime schedule for our little 16 month old. I also should add that Grant and I are not opposed to a nap being skipped if we can squeeze one in the car or make it home for at least one nap. However, we have a very good nighttime sleeper on our hands, so if on the rare occasion Stone misses both his naps, he still sleeps like a log at night (about 11 hours). So yeah, we are flexible when it’s sensible for our fam, but I’m pretty rigid on the schedule when it comes to naps because he needs the sleep and he’s a joy to be around when he has his sleep 🙂


6:30 am: Stone and I wake up! Lots of snuggles, some nursing and just small talk about how his night was etc. etc. If Grant is heading to work, he will FaceTime us once he gets there so he can say good morning. Stone likes to take the phone and give Grant a tour of the living room and tell him a story or two. 

7:00 am: Stone watches worship music videos while I make us some breakfast. He eats the same thing every morning: one sliced banana and 5 mini plain blueberry pancakes. He also LOVES to help me make smoothies and he usually chugs a whole sippy-cup full while he waits for his “real” breakfast. 

7:45 am: I mean, my little man loves his privacy. This is about the time he takes care of business, hence why he is hiding behind a “tree.” 😉

8:15 am: After a fresh diaper and outfit change, I like to take Stone for a walk around our neighborhood. My rule is if it’s 40 degrees or warmer, we will go. Now that it’s spring, I don’t have to worry about that stupid rule lol because it’s been so nice lately. Our neighborhood has a trail that’s about 1.5 miles long. Stone loves being in the stroller and singing and talking the whole way. He laughs at the squirrels and tells doggies to “shhh” if they are barking. It’s cute. 

9 am: Time to nurse and read before nap. We go to the library about once a month and check out 15 books. They stay in regular rotation, but we also supplement with the books we own. Stone LOVES us reading to him, and he’s now in the habit of grabbing a book and walking it over to me to read to him randomly throughout the day. Gah. I love it. Although he doesn’t stick around to hear the whole story before he’s back to the basket to grab another book. 

9 am – 11 am: nap time zzzzz

11 am: Stone wakes up ready for a snack immediately. I give him a pouch (we love Once Upon A Farm pouches and we bought ChooMe attachment pieces so he doesn’t squirt them all over creation.) He works on the pouch while I make a pb+j for him.

11 am – 1:45 pm: Free time! Hallelujah! If we are planning to go do something fun on a certain day, we will usually go out to eat. So we’ll give him a snack to hold him over, get him a fresh diaper and put his shoes on etc. I’ll make sure I’ve packed plenty of snacky foods too. 

Some fun things we love to do during this timeframe:

Special events: Like the Unicorn Festival or Earth Day Celebration or Farmers Market or Marine Museum or Cherry Blossoms in DC

Day-to-day I like to go to the playground, the coffee shop or the library. Now that Stone is walking, he’s interacting with kids more. It can be exhausting going places with lots of kids because I feel like I’m constantly trying to teach him to share, not steal, be patient, etc. etc. but I know these days are worth it and he’s learning. On the days I’m just not up for all of that, we stay home and play in our backyard or on the playground in our neighborhood. 


2 – 3 pm: Nurse and read a book and then it’s down for nap #2. He’ll do about an hour for his afternoon nap.

3 pm: snack time! This is always a coconut milk yogurt. He loves them and really looks forward to them.

3:30-4:30 pm: This is around the time Grant will take over and play with Stone outside. Stone loves this part of the day! I’ll shower, prep dinner (maybe! ha!), look in the mirror, brush my teeth if I didn’t get a chance all day (sorry everyone!) throw some laundry in, answer texts, check social media, etc. etc.

4:30 – 5 pm: While Grant and I work on dinner, Stone chills and watches a show, if we are lucky haha but usually he’s right in the kitchen with us trying to help. This is the time of the day many/most of our kitchen utensils end up on the floor for entertainment. 

5 pm: dinner time! We do a soup, or bean burrito, or quinoa/potato blend for Stone. Or he’ll have what we are having. He doesn’t eat much meat (doesn’t really like it honestly) and I try to avoid dairy with him. 

5:30 pm: We go for a family walk after dinner which I love doing. Helps the time go by, Grant and I can catch up, and like I said before, Stone loves our walks! 

6:30 pm: Bedtime prep! Grant usually does bath, diaper, pjs, bedtime stories and then zzzzzz. Stone loves this one-on-one time with him! They always have so much fun. 

And that’s the schedule!

We are loving all the new things Stone is learning and saying. I know as he gets older and possibly drops his morning nap, I’ll add more learning structure into the schedule. But for now, he explores and he learns as we go.

Here’s to all our days being outside as much as possible! Happy Spring!