stone is 21 months old!

time needs to slow down!

baby boy is 3 months away from being TWO! whatttt?!

he’s weighing in at 28 pounds. he’s talking up a storm. loves to spin around in circles and make himself dizzy. he’s got big emotions both happy and angry – grant and i are still trying to figure out the best way for him to express himself. he is wild and he is so sweet. still loves to pick up and throw away trash. loves to color. loves to tear apart a cardboard box. loves curious george. loves to play the piano. loves to dance. loves to sing. loves to race himself lol he’s just the best.

and now he’s a big brother! he’s still warming up to Story but he thinks she’s so funny and finds her feet and arms hilarious.

love you big boy! mom and dad are so proud of you!