summer blues

last days of summer💦

i was pregnant this whole year. and it felt like it. i wasn’t able to run around with stone this summer specifically bc i was massive, it was stupid hot and humid and i felt so bad. all he wanted was to be outside and i had to opt for the tv to entertain him bc i just couldn’t do it. so many people told me he won’t remember this summer; he’s too young. but that still doesn’t take away the weird guilt i feel. we had fun, don’t get me wrong. and grant 100% took the lead and made up for my lack of energy and ability when he was home. but i will always look back on this summer feeling like i kinda didn’t give it all i had for stone. i promise though summer 2020 he’ll be so sick of being outside he’ll be begging to come inside! love you bud! thanks for the grace that you always give me❤️