Stone is 22 months old!

Yup. two more short months until my first babe is TWO.

He’s quite my sweet character – making me laugh all day long. He’s a whopping 28.4 lbs of pure emotion and passion and chill. He’s cautious, a good listener, yet feels so big that sometimes he outbursts in a way that we don’t understand. But he’s been experiencing so much change lately that we can’t blame him for these big moments. New house, new sister, lots of change in a short period of time.

He’s in size 5 diapers and size 5 shoes, eating more and more new foods and really conquering the spoon and fork. He’s still rocking 18 month clothes 🙂 but he can also wear 18-24 month too. He loves to explore our yard with daddy. And he can’t make a trip outside without visiting any and all cars/trucks in our driveway. He also loves riding on the lawn mower with daddy 🙂 I mean what kid doesn’t?? He’s down to one nap a day from 11a-1p and we are only watching Curious George for two hours a day (1hr in morning and 1hr at night) which is significantly down from when I was pregnant and had zero energy to play or do anything! That dang show was on 24/7 sadly…. OH WELL. He plays super well independently most of the day since I’m usually nursing sweet Story. He even plays on the deck all by himself! When his friends come over he does a good job sharing and chasing them all over the place. He thinks his friends are hilarious! He loves to eat stickers and sand which is weird but he instantly regrets it so…. He’s loving to draw with his markers and build with his blocks and stackables. He’s really into reading books by himself and also having us read book after book after book to him! He’s still too short to climb up on the couch by himself but it won’t be long. He gets so sweetly concerned when his sissy cries and he loves to get right in her face to say hello to her. He loves to kiss her too! He’s asleep by 7:30p and up by 7a or later.

Overall I’m just so proud of our boy! He’s got our hearts!