Story is ONE month old!

September 23:

One month with our babe Story Capri. She has been a wonderful addition to our family with her mouse squeaks and soft requests for milk. She is a precious peanut at just over 9 pounds. She has just started to become more alert over the last couple of days, although her neck and leg strength have been beautifully strong since day one (must be from the constant dancing in the womb). She doesn’t like being put down, so I’m adjusting to the kangaroo life. She loves to lay on our chests to nap and is just the sweetest little baby girl, melting me with her blue eyes. She’s doing great sleeping at night, although I’m up every 2-3 hours, just her and me during the week, but weekends daddy joins in on the fun and has even done some bottles so I can rest. Glory glory this time around has been so different yet so familiar and we are so grateful to have our family of four. Story Capri, she’s beauty.


I did a photoshoot with the babes on the deck and I must share them all. Stone was super dirty from playing all morning but instead of cleaning him up I just rolled with the reality that he’s a messy boy and too cute to try and perfect for a picture.

and then a few of story and mommy🖤