hiking on the holidays

it’s a tradition in our family to go hiking on the holidays. it wasn’t until after i went off to college and left my town and then came back that i started to appreciate allllll the hiking and nature opportunities literally in my backyard. we have it good here in southern maryland!

grant gets Columbus Day off work and he suggested we go hiking, because like i said, we hike on the holidays lol

We loaded up the kiddos and headed out before the crowds around 9am. When we got to Calvert Cliffs, we picked a familiar trail – the red trail – which is about 2 miles to the beach, one way. Although the kids did great, we knew we would be pushing our luck if we tried to go the full 2 miles and then back again. Plus Grant and I are super out of shape right now with, you know, me having a baby 7 weeks ago and Grant having zero time or energy to hit up the gym. So we went about 1.5 miles before turning around. Story slept the whole time and Stone was loving it until we turned around and he also fell asleep.

It got super crowded on our hike back to the car – turns out lots of people like to hike on the holidays too!

It was a great morning❤️