Story is 2 months old!

Story is our sweet angel baby. She endures the screams, cries and pouncing of her brother while giving us the sweetest side smirk there ever was.

She’s sleeping in the snoo in our room with stretches of about 4 to 8 hours at night. Last night, to celebrate being a big 2 month old girl, she slept almost 8 hours straight for me. It was surreal.

She still has a squeak when she eats – she’s such a loud and intense eater lol This past weekend we tried going to the movies again with her. This time it was NOT as peaceful and quiet. We ended up leaving the movie early bc she was just being so loud while she ate (the movie was also dramatic and very quiet. ugh.) Two sweet older ladies stopped Grant in the lobby of the theater to admire Story and honestly that was our favorite part of the movie experience. Sorry #Judy, you were just plain boring of a movie!

She’s still not a fan of laying on her back and just chilling. She likes to be held, so held she shall be! she does like her swing now, which helps give me some hands-feee time to take care of the house or Stone. That’s typically where she naps unless she’s being held or in the car etc.

She’s had lots of visitors this past month! So many sweet friends taking time to meet her and also play with Stoney. He loves all the attention 🙂 Story pretty much just sleeps!

Tummy time is basically nonexistent unless I remember to do it which is never. She’s got such a strong neck though that i’m not worried.

As far as size goes, she’s in #1 diapers and wearing 0-3 month clothes. Once we run out of the diapers we have we will officially switch over to cloth diapers! We had Stoney in cloth for almost a year and I’d like to do the same with Story to save money. Story loves it when we sing to her and talk to her in our highest pitch possible. She smiles immediately and is starting to coo-talk back to us. Instant heart melt.

It feels like October here in Maryland. The temps are crisp and i’m just really looking forward to watching this chunk baby grow and grow over the winter. I love her so so much.