christmas through the years

this is our SIXTH christmas together. i took a trip down memory lane, wanted to share it. hope you enjoy.

Christmas 2014 “just friends”

⁃ this was a week away from our very first date.

Christmas 2015 “just married”

⁃ grant was so sick christmas morning and i convinced him to go on a hike because there’s no such thing as being sick on christmas. he bought me my first big canon camera and i took lots of blurry pics.

Christmas 2016 “just waiting”

⁃ our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage two months earlier. wanting so desperately to get pregnant again, i thought we would be ready around christmas to try again. it took another 3 months before we got pregnant again. looking back, it wasn’t a long wait like some endure, but the waiting was truly a precious gift i’ll always cherish and remember.

Christmas 2017 “just parents”

⁃ stone levi was almost a month old and we were lacking sleep but abundant in joy.

Christmas 2018 “just pregnant”

⁃ i snuck a pregnancy test super early on dec 23, 2018. it was positive. i thought i could surprise grant on christmas morning but i couldn’t wait! in this picture i’m pregnant with story capri.

Christmas 2019 “just grateful”

⁃ being together, in this moment, is the greatest gift and memory of all. thankful jesus paid it all so that we could love and give and have each other. it’s only through Him.

merry christmas for us to you!

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