a perfect day for a birthday!

oh my goodness, the sound of this rain right now is so peaceful and calming. the kids are both asleep for their afternoon naps and Grant is working hard on his homemade kombucha in the kitchen. I just finished editing the pictures from yesterday and wanted to hurry up and blog before a FaceTime date with a friend.

Yesterday Grant turned 36! I really wanted to smother him with love, not just because he deserves it, but because it’s been a hard and strenuous ride for us over the last 7 months. Grant deserved some serious celebrating.

The night before the big day:

I went to Target to return some things and when I realized I was kid-free and husband-free and I could shop a little for Grant’s birthday. I took advantage! I spent 30 minutes looking through almost every birthday card, with my mask on, and felt quite woozy during the whole process. so I’ll admit here that I did take my mask off for some relief. what’s better? a) a passed out mom in the card aisle, or . . . b) a mom “cheating” and breathing in an empty card aisle? exactly. I grabbed some other birthday essentials (I hate that word now) and sat in the car signing his card and filling his little donkey piñata with starbursts. Grant was worried because what was supposed to be a quick trip to Target took about an hour and a half. He said he thought I was trying on clothes. I wish. When I got home I was able to convince him that I needed to do some things in the kitchen before bed. I left our bedroom and hung the birthday sign and put together his gifts on the kitchen counter. I got back in our room thinking I had really gotten away with a nice birthday surprise when suddenly he says he needs to get some meds from the living room for a headache that had just hit him. Dang. It would have been way too obvious if I jumped and said I would get it for him so instead I just sat there and shook my head thinking my cover had been blown. But minutes later he came back in the room and didn’t even seem phased by what he saw in his path. Turns out he never even looked up. The verdict is still out on whether or not that’s true, but for now we will believe him.

His birthday:

We woke up, and started the kiddos on the morning routine. I got his coffee order and headed to Starbucks. The line wasn’t scary long like I had seen the past few days, so that was nice. It was the first warm sunny day in a while. My windows were down so I could get some MUCH needed direct sunshine on my pale pale face and I blasted Harry Styles while I waited. The sun hitting my face, the freedom to breathe, the music pulsing through my mini van, honestly it was like a dream.

The total Starbucks drive-thru experience lasted 22 minutes – and although it’s definitely a long time to wait for cold brew when you have cold brew sitting prepared and ready in your fridge already, the sacrifice was small, all things considered.

When I got home, both kids were eating breakfast so I made our breakfast look semi-cute and dolled it out.

After that, Grant opened his cards (one from me and one from the kids) and gifts with the help of Stone. Yes, husbands get deorderant as gifts, duh. Stone didn’t understand.

Now, the fun part. Getting ready for the day without any fighting or bickering! You can’t fight on your husband’s birthday! You bite your tongue, you smile, you laugh, you avoid all conflict, dangit. But of course, I nagged him about something and then immediately regretted it. It’s his birthday for goodness sake! stop! So I apologized and we moved forward getting the kiddos loaded up in the van, etc. etc. We were heading to the park!

The car ride was nice. In order to do fun things like this in the morning, Story has to sacrifice her long morning nap for an adventure. I don’t LOVE doing this, but I will every once in a while if it makes sense and it’s for a good cause. She did snooze like we thought she would on the ride to the park (about 35 minutes.)

We made it. We walked around for a nice hour and a half. Story cuddled happily with Grant during our walk. Stone was pretty much an adorable angel the whole time, except when his driver (me) stopped the car (stroller) for any reason at all. That’s a no-no in Stone’s book and he immediately screams to let me know he’s unsatisfied with my driving. But other than that, it was beautiful and peaceful and mask-free. thank you Jesus.

We had big plans for after the park.

Chick-fil-a. For over a month, everytime I drive passed that place and I see the line, I think, is it REALLY that good? Like you don’t have ANYTHING in your home that tastes better than the wait for that chicken? The line is easily 50 cars deep. So we thought what better day than Grant’s birthday to join in on the chaos. We watched nearly 3 or 4 car accidents while waiting in line, as eager hungry citizens cut each other off to get in said line, etc. etc. It was a sight to see. Humanity at its finest. “Stay home, save lives, but if you try and cut me in the chick-fil-a line, I will literally cut you.” I sighed. Literally, this is life. Everything is insane.

The total drive-thru experience from start to finish was a whopping 32 minutes. I was impressed for how busy they were. It was like waiting in restaurant for your food except you’re waiting in your minivan with your screaming kids. Grant did sneak in the back to entertain them while we waited which is honestly the best part of a van.

After lunch and prepping the birthday brownies, the kids went down for naps and so did me, myself and I. I was so tired for some reason. Grant headed outside with his new chainsaw and a dream. He’s been obsessed with our yard since he got back from training. I guess that’s what happens when you’re stuck in the desert for 6 months away from your land and your family – you get inspired. So he spent hours out there cutting and sawing and burning things. All I know is I love walking outside and smelling that fire burning. Give me that everyday of my life, and I’ll be good.

After naps, it was kinda psycho. Stone wanted to play in his room, Story wanted to eat. Then Stone wanted his snack. Then I thought it would be good for Stone to play outside so I could pump. Then I needed to order dinner. Yes, order dinner. Grant wanted Texas Roadhouse, so I placed that online. Then Grant started Story on her baby food dinner while I played with Stone outside. He helped me leaf blow which is kinda his favorite thing.

Then I needed to run and get the food so Stone went inside with Grant and Story. Then I brought home the goods and after making sure everybody had their plate of delicious steakhouse food, all four of us sat at the table to eat together. This has never happened since Story was born. We decided to FaceTime Grant’s parents during dinner because it must be hard to be away from your parents on your birthday. That was nice.

Next it was time to light the birthday brownies and sing happy birthday. Stoney 100% HATES when people sing near him without his permission so because Grant was holding him, we had to start the song over a couple times due to some scream interruptions and explaining that it’s not ok to scream in your father’s ear.

We gave Stone a tiny piece of brownie to enjoy on the deck with me while Grant got Story ready for bed. The sugar immediately hit his system and he was cracking me up! Once Story was ready for bed, we enjoyed some of the setting sun together as a fam on the deck and then came inside so I could do a speed clean of the kitchen and get the kiddos to bed.

The rest of the night with Grant was so fun and much needed. Such a perfect day! Grateful!

Today we enjoyed his donkey piñata lol and Stone tried his very first piece of candy – a pink starburst. totally worth it.

Happy Birthday Babe. Love you so much!