what was done to us, was done to them.

[Dr. Nicole LePera’s words, not mine]
Awakening is about coming to the painful realization that we’ve been deeply conditioned. And a vast majority of this conditioning comes from parents + caregivers.
For years we walk around unconscious, sleep walking. Viewing ourselves as the ego concept of who you are. “I am smart” “I’m not good at x” “I can’t be x” All mental constricts. All internalized beliefs about who we are. We call this ‘personality.’ We believe this to be “us.” As our consciousness expands it can be downright spooky to see how how much our parents impacted us. We learn how to emotionally regulate, how to cope, how to communicate, how to be in relationships + countless other things from them. Like little sponges. This often leads to anger, rage, and soul shaking pain.
All necessary. All part of breaking open. All part of shedding our conditioning.
With time, practice, and committed observation, we see our parents are human. As unconscious participants of cycles of trauma. Repeating what they know. Doing what has been done to them. Acting out their own past.
[Dr. Nicole LePera’s words, not mine]