my 33rd birthday

the birthday recap on the blog is always so fun, because it’s sharing when we do all the fun things on purpose. with an excuse. with happy moods and calm spirits. with flexible schedules and lowered expectation. with surprise texts and calls. well, surprises in general. with spontaneous songs and giggles. it’s the best.

yesterday I turned 33 years old.

it was a good day – spent the day with the kids and Grant, in the sunshine, doing what I love.

I got to walk in my most favorite spots in nature.

I got to eat some of my most favorite yummy treats.

I got a 2 hour nap.

I got to hear from all my closest friends throughout the day. really puts all my friendships into perspective on birthdays. here’s to real friends.

I got to sit outside, just me and story, cuddling in the sunshine as the sun set. I don’t get many moments alone with my peanut. it was perfect.

I got some alone time with grant too – which is also rare. He took the day off to celebrate, and we had such a good time.

here are some of the highlights coming to life through pictures; I hope you can see the joy as much as I felt it.

Grant bought me some black-out curtains for our bedroom. it’s the small things I truly love.

let the walk begin 🙂

trying to make story smile 🙂

attacking stone with my hair 🙂

made it to the beach

after our morning in the chilly sunshine, we got some delicious lunch and put our babies down for nap.

the rest of the day was chill – wrestling, laughing, cupcakes.

I had a couple people remind me that this is my “Jesus year.” I honestly woke up on my birthday asking Grant if there was a famous basketball player with the number 33. Was it Michael Jordan? He said no. Hmm.

But to have sweet people remind that it’s JESUS that is known for 33. that was a sweet nod from the Lord. Of course, I hope this is the year I can have a major impact on this world like Jesus. I will shine, regardless.

love to you all.