today we unschooled.

I spy with my little eye, a precious 2 year old is his element. 

stone never cares if it’s cold or raining outside, he just wants to go “ouch-side.” i try to do independent play daily, and when the weather is nice, it makes things much easier. but on a rainy day, I’m more reluctant. but nevertheless, he got his rain coat and shoes on, and out the door he went.

I always say a prayer for protection bc when I start thinking about bees and snakes and spiders and all those scary things, I hesitate. But when I start spiraling, I just ask God to watch over him. I guess this is practice for the days down the road where I won’t know every move he’s making – but LET’S NOT GO THERE QUITE YET.

I was so proud of him today. He got muddy, he dug in the dirt, he looked for frogs, “itsy bitsy spiders” and worms, all by himself. He never really asked for me; he was content just being in the rain, alone. He’s a boy after my own heart. I can’t wait for his sister to be able to play with him. but for now, I’ll soak up the days where sissy needs me to spoon feed her rib-eye and butternut squash and stone learns the ropes, independently.

I really love these words I’m sharing below; they were written by a woman named Brittany Love, and they resonate with me deeply:

I decided I wanted to homeschool long before I had kids. You see I actually dropped out of public high school my junior year.

My mother didn’t understand.
Mom, I explained, everyone’s having sex, smoking pot, getting drunk, and doing drugs. I’m just not into that… and I don’t wanna be a part of it anymore.

And just like that I became unschooled. Best years of my life.

Now I’ve been rocking out my homeschool journey with my little free thinkers since 2010 when my first was born.

You wanna really homeschool? Take your babies outside. All the time. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. Go to the woods. Go to rivers. Ponds. Lakes. Streams. Trails with paths. Trails without paths. Parks. Playgrounds. Beaches. Mountains. Just go.

Let them play. Let them explore. Don’t hover. Don’t stop them. Let them climb. Let them fall. Let them cry. Let them brush themselves off and crawl into safe arms that wipe tears and kiss boo boos and then put them down and let them do it all over again.

My children are who they are because more important then reading and writing and math I let them play in nature. It was more important to me to instill in their spirits who they really are on this planet then for them to memorize and get good grades based on an education system that tells you you’re smart based of what you can remember during what they call testing.

You know what the real tests should be? Are you kind? Are you loving? Can you interact well with others? Can you work out your problems in love with each other? Can you grow your own food? Do you understand how to garden? Could you survive? Do you know how to hunt, kill, skin and cook an animal? Do you really know where your food comes from and honor it? For without it you’ll die. What about collecting water? Safe drinking water? Keeping animals? Having a house? Caring for siblings? Household chores? Working on cars? Managing money? Building things? Having debates with others to actually listen and learn- not to be right- not to have others agree- not to have yourself agree- but simply to just listen to new ideas and perspectives….

Let this be the year we really reinvent “school” and what these children have really been learning. And may they learn above all else to love themselves just as they are for they were created in love with special talents and abilities…. let them grow in that love and in the gifts God gave them.

Unschooling is instilling lifelong learning… so that they may never stop…. that they may keep an open mind and open heart to pave the way for a new earth 🌍

An earth where we remember who we are and all that this planet has to offer us. May we get back to nature. ❤️

Nature is our ultimate healer.